• Question: Why do you think girls drift away from STEM subjects?

    Asked by Molly to Agata, Chris, John, Kirstin, Michael on 20 Jun 2016. This question was also asked by Nina & Amelia.
    • Photo: Agata Suwala

      Agata Suwala answered on 20 Jun 2016:

      Because people think STEM isn’t for girls. Research shows the jobs parents want their daughters to do are teacher, nurse, fashion designer and hairdresser. Engineer / scientist doesn’t even make it to the list. Even doctor is low on the list.

    • Photo: John Allport

      John Allport answered on 20 Jun 2016:

      I agree with Agata, I think it is because of negative stereotyping by parents and teachers. I have worked with girls who can see the opportunities within engineering that are available to them, but have then been put off them by teachers and parents telling them that girls don’t do that sort of thing. It then becomes a vicious circle, as they then don’t do that sort of thing, so there are few role models for them to follow. Some of the best engineers I work with are female, the difference is that they stuck with their belief and studied engineering despite what other people told them.

    • Photo: Chris Hackett

      Chris Hackett answered on 20 Jun 2016:

      its up to the next generation to buck the trend. Hopefully with events like this it will keep the girls more interested in STEM.